5 Reasons You Should Get a Massage – Mansfield Therapists Reveal Benefits

Massage – Mansfield Getting a massage can sometimes feel like a distant “dream,” doesn’t it? When you are caught up in meetings and deadlines of the day, the thought of taking a moment to relax with a massage therapy session might seem like an intrusion you cannot afford to take.

After a rather challenging day at work or running your business, a massage might be just the very thing you need—what every woman needs, actually.

Aside from getting the pampering you truly deserve, here are five other compelling reasons to get the massage Mansfield therapists offer.

  1. It’s an effective way to manage stress, and reduce pain and muscle tension.

In different studies, massage therapies have shown positive impact in stress management. By lowering cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) level to 50 percent and increasing levels of neurotransmitters, massage can reduce depression and anxiety.

Even a 45-minute massage can reduce a small level of cortisol and decrease cytokine proteins, which are related to inflammation and allergic reactions. One session can also increase white blood cells, which fight infection.

  1. Massage is recommended by medical organisations as part of treating low back pain.

Getting a massage is considered a safer way to manage back pains in comparison to popping pain pills. In a study by The Annals of Internal Medicine, it was revealed that 36 percent to 39 percent of middle-aged women with chronic back pain reported less to no pain after receiving massage therapy.

  1. Massage can improve circulation and elasticity of the skin.

With improved circulation and skin elasticity comes reduced wrinkles and fine lines. Dead skin exfoliation also occurs during every massage session so your skin is likely to look fresher and younger. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on luxurious anti-ageing creams, you could just book a rejuvenating and relaxing massage.

  1. It can lead to better management of labour pains.

Every pregnancy is different, although labour pains may well be a common denominator. In addition to techniques like Lamaze, you can get a massage specifically designed for expecting mums. The Association of Massage Therapists, an established non-profit organisation that promotes the health benefits of massage, reports that strong evidence exists proving the clinical efficacy of the natural, hands-on therapy on labour pains.

  1. Massage therapy is a cost-effective investment toward your health and wellness.

Massage can regulate and stimulate hormone levels, other than cortisol. During any massage session, dopamine, epinephrine, oxytocin, serotonin, and growth hormones are released. This has a positive impact on body temperature, metabolism, and mood. It can also affect thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, reproductive glands, kidneys, and other parts of your body. Moreover, a massage can boost lymphocyte production which heightens immune system response.

By booking a massage regularly with a reputable therapy centre, you are doing more than just getting a much-needed pampering. You are also making a profoundly effective investment in your health and wellness. And there is no better time to start that journey than today.





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