Pamper Your Hardworking Hands and Feet with a Manicure and Pedicure (Mansfield)

Pedicure MansfieldYour hands and feet could be taking a heavy beating day in and day out, although you may not realise it until it’s too late.

Anyone who performs a number of chores at home throughout the week will know this to be true. Between helping little children take baths, preparing and cooking meals, washing dishes, cleaning the house, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, washing the car, bathing the family pets and doing some gardening, your hands handle a wide variety of tools, get all dirty, get washed clean, get dirty and then get washed again, over and over.

On top of all these, there are other activities to think about, too. You type into a computer keyboard several hours a day. You carry bags of groceries. You drive a car. You massage the pain away from a spouse’s or child’s body. There’s not much rest to be had for really busy hands.

Your feet aren’t exempt from wear and tear, either. Moving around is essential at home or outdoors. Everyone is encouraged to take 10,000 steps every day for optimal health. A lot of people also engage in workouts that have them running, sprinting, jumping, lunging, and climbing up and down stairs. Even just standing around for prolonged periods of time makes not just your feet tired, but your whole body as well.

Getting some much-deserved TLC

In the same way that you would seek out a spa for a massage that would help melt all the stress and tension away from your body, you should take some time to give your hands and feet some truly rewarding pampering. You can start by making an appointment for an excellent manicure; Mansfield locals like you won’t have any trouble finding a beauty and wellness centre that can attend to your hands’ needs and help them look better than ever before.

While you’re at it, you should also make arrangements for a good pedicure. Mansfield health and beauty experts can give your feet some extra care and a stunning makeover.

What can you expect?

Today’s beauty specialists don’t just go straight to the manicure and pedicure; they typically offer treatments that include special pampering services to complement the work done on your nails.

For example, your hands will be treated to a refreshing soak in essential oils before the specialist will proceed with exfoliation and massage. You will then be taken through some skilled nail shaping and professional nail polish application.

As for your feet, they will also be pampered with a rejuvenating soak and exfoliation, with the added provision of callus removal from the bottom of your feet.

These manicure and pedicure services effectively help remove accumulated dirt from your hands as well as slough off old skin cells to help promote the growth of new ones. The skin on your hands and feet will feel smoother and look younger, and blood circulation will be improved thanks to massage.

Or course, manicures and pedicures help you improve or maintain the good health of your nails. Through cleaning and treatments, issues such as ingrown toenails, brittle nails, curved nails, bitten nails, thickened nails, and even fungal infections can be prevented, treated or eradicated.

And on top of it all, you can select a nice nail polish colour to help make your beautiful, healthy nails and pampered hands and feet stand out.

When you’re constantly taking care of several responsibilities at a time, finding opportunities to take care of your self should be a priority, too. Visit your local beauty experts and get some excellent care for your hands and feet today.


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