Why Opt for a Spray Tan? Mansfield Pros Cite Benefits

spray tan Mansfield Want to achieve that sun-kissed, bronzed look for your skin? You can spend hours lying by the beach or in a tanning salon, or you can simply opt for a spray tan.

A spray tan, Mansfield locals ought to know, is a convenient and time-saving way to achieve a good-looking and even tan without the hassles and risks associated with conventional tanning methods.
How does spray tanning work?

In spray or sunless tanning, a fine mist is sprayed on the body of a person. This mist uses dihydroxyacetone or DHA as an active ingredient. When DHA is sprayed on your skin, it interacts with the dead skin cells to create that bronzed look associated with tanning. On average, the effect last somewhere between three to seven days.

What about its safety?
Health officials have given their nod of approval to spray tanning. In fact, many food and drug administration authorities have deemed DHA to be safe for external application. However, due caution should be practised when applying spray tan to the facial area and you should avoid inhaling the spray mist. It is advisable to use goggles and nose plugs during your tanning session.

How is it applied?
Spray tanning works in a variety of ways. One way to apply the tanning spray is for a person to get inside a booth in a salon. These booths have several nozzles which are strategically placed to ensure that the whole body is evenly sprayed with the tanning solution.

Other salons apply the tanning solution using airbrushes which work like the ones used by painters.
Finally, consumers can buy tanning solutions available in bottles and spray the solution onto their bodies.

What are the advantages of spray tanning?
Like other self-tanning products like lotions and gels, spray tanning solutions contain DHA which has been deemed safe for humans. But unlike these products, spray tanning solutions are easier to apply. You can either go to a tanning salon or have a specialist come over to your home. You can end up saving more time using a spray tan compared to using lotions or gels. Also, having a professional apply the solution to your body ensures that the tan is even. Spray tanning solutions also dry quicker compared to other self-tanning products.

How can you achieve better results?
Just like in tinting, Mansfield ladies can get better results from a spray tanning session with the right preparation.
Before your tanning session, be sure to shave or wax so that you will give your pores ample time to close. Also, it is advisable to exfoliate your skin before your tanning session.

On the day of your tanning session, be sure to remove the products you applied to your skin like makeup and deodorants. For areas like the joints and palms that you do not want to get too dark, you need to apply a lotion or moisturiser. Finally, after your tanning session, you have to leave the solution on your body overnight. That means that you can’t shower or apply moisturiser on your skin for at least eight hours.

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